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The History of the Skye Terrier

Most terriers have gotten something contributed to their form within the last century yet when it comes to the Skye terrier they have remained the same for almost four centuries.

When looking at Skye terriers today we see that they have the same coat that they had when they needed protection when their purpose was to challenge vicious animals that was triple their size. Some people say that this feature may have been a handicap yet as the years passed no one thought that it would be a good idea to alter it.

The name of the breed comes from one of the chiefs who stayed in Scotland on one of the northwestern islands. Furthermore, the chief was the only terrier who stayed strictly on the islands and never ventured throughout the rest of Scotland.

The Skye terrier is also the most commonly known breed of the terrier breed. The reason they became so popular is due to the fact that Queen Victoria was very fond of them and Sir Edwin Landseer decided to paint masterpieces of them. When first introduced they tried to keep the breed in English speaking countries yet over the years he has faded away and now England and Scotland is the place where Skye terriers are the most prominent due to the fact that there was a time when no duchess would want to be seen without her prized Skye terrier.

In the year 1997 the AKC registered the Skye terrier under them and it was one of their most important breeds at the American Bench shows before the new century rolled in. Throughout the years the activities that the Skye terrier participates in have changed but they are still glorified for the tenacious grasp they are able to maintain on those who come in close contact with them. In today’s time the breed is not commonly shown at the bench shows but every blue moon you will find someone who is showing off this old breed.




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