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Skye Terrier Temperament

The Skye terrier breed is one of the dog breeds that is said to have a typical temperament. They are strong, canny, brave, and very independent. Not to mention the fact that when they love someone they are very loyal to think however this is not something that they just give away it is something that their owners genuinely earn. Furthermore, they can be very obedient dogs but they do have their choice in this as well.

If you are the one that they choose you will find that they will always be loyal and very devoted only to you. Additionally, once they have found the family member that they are the closest to it will be like they have a second shadow because they will not be far behind them. Skye terriers are also great with children as well but they have to grow up with them.

Also, it is good to introduce them to socialization early because if they are not they can be shy and cautious whenever strange people come around. This includes them not wanting to be touched or picked up by anyone that they do not see on a regular basic. Obedience training is something that is a must for this breed as well or you will not be able to deal with their independence. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that they are also excellent grudge holders. But, they are alert and watchful so your family can always feel safe when they are in the home. Exercise is another must they at least need to take a brief walk once a day.

Overall, the Skye terrier breed is friendly and can be trained to work as a therapy dog. When in the house you will notice that they are very quiet and they do not mind simply sitting with their master for hours on end. Basically, they are not trouble makers but if they are provoked they are not going to back down. This breed is a faithful and loving breed that loves attention and companionship. Not to mention the fact that they have no problem returning the favor either.




  1. Lisa says:

    Ihave the most beautifule black 13month yr old male, not fixed as yet…Skye…Desperately looking for a new home…I just cannot bring myself to send him to a rescue centre..He needs space, long walks and loves company…My time is running out sharing a small flat with my sister and I must now go out to work full time ….I will do what it takes to find Archie a wonderful home…

  2. Lisa says:

    Where do you live? I’m in Kansas City and I am interested in meeting your little man.

  3. Gail Graham says:

    Hi Lisa, are you in UK or America? If you’re in UK I would love Skye terrier – live on border to Scotland with loads of space & love to give & lots exercise.

  4. Mary says:

    Have you found a home for this male yet?
    Would love to meet your boy.
    Located in central Indiana

  5. Nancy H Forrest says:

    I am looking for a Skye pup or older. I used to have a girl that looked like a fawn colored, pointed ear, Skye with black points except she had 8 inch legs. Her personality was 100% Skye, however! I recently lost my extra large Golden at 13+ years and am moving into an apartment so have decided to go back to the blessings of a Skye. If anyone knows of any pups coming along in the next few months, I would very much like to hear from them. I do come with excellent references and do have familiarity with the idiosyncrasies of a Skye (and love them!)


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