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Skye Terrier Puppies

When you are considering purchasing a puppy it is best to go to a breeder who has been labeled as being reliable and is also established who has experience when it comes to raising show stock. It is always a good idea to stay far away from casual breeders as well as the pet shops and commercial breeders. If you are looking to purchase a puppy for a show dog you should be aware that the temperament is the most important qualification. This means that you will want to go for a puppy that is cheerful and very outgoing instead of one that is shy. Obviously, health is something else that you should be on the lookout for as well. If you see puppies that are thin, not groomed or have potbellies your best bet would be to run far away. Also, you will want to make sure that you are getting a puppy that is up to date on their shots and worming’s as well as come with all of their papers.

When purchasing a puppy under the age of eight months you also have to make sure you are very cautious. This is because the Skye breed develops slow and is usually not considered mature until they hit the age of three. Furthermore, until they have hit six months it can be very hard to figure out whether or not they ear carriage and mouths are correct. Also, you will want to make sure that they have long bodies with short and sturdy legs in addition to having a tail that they do not always have above the topline. Furthermore, their head should be a good length and their neck and muzzle should be in proportion. Not to mention the fact that they will have a double coat as well as ark eyes. If you notice that they have a fluffy or curly coat you will want to stay away.

Skye puppies are going to require not only love but firm training as well. If they do not have this when they are puppies they will be difficult to manage once they are no longer puppies. However, you never want to abuse them when attempting to train them this will only make matter worse. Grooming on a regular basis is another requirement and they should also have their nails trimmed as well.
It is not uncommon for Skye terriers to be very attached to their owners. However, when they are switching to a new owner and home they may be slow to adapt to the environment. This is why it is best to let them make their own advances until they have gotten used to their new home and environment. However, you will have to make sure that you do feed your Skye and take them out for exercise in addition to making sure that you use a low and calm voice when talking to them as well. Additionally, Skye’s can be around children yet they have to have been raised with them. If they were not it is not a good idea to bring them into a home with children because they will not be used to the child environment and things that come along with it.

What to Expect From Your Skye Terrier Breeder

When you go to the breeder they should sig the AKC registration application and send it to the AKC so you can make sure that your Skye is registered. It is important that you understand that these papers are something that should come with your puppy and is not something that the breeder should expect you to purchase separately. Furthermore, your breeder should also have a four generation pedigree available for you as well.

The breeder is also responsible for insuring that you have the complete health record of your Skye terrier. It should provide you with all of the records ranging from their shots to their worming’s so you can be sure that your puppy is healthy. In addition, it also does not hurt to have your breeder state in writing that the puppy is health.

Lastly, the breeder is going to provide you with a contract that will protect your Skye and any future generations.

What Your Skye Terrier Puppy Will Expect From You

The Skye puppy is also going to have some things that they expect from you as well. First, they are expecting that you will provide them with a safe, enclosed area so they will be able to exercise at various times throughout the day. Also, they are going to expect that your rules are set with them in mind and you are kind to them as well as patient. Lastly, they are going to trust that you will make sure that they are able to receive their routine veterinarian care, grooming, and nutritious meals. If you have any questions about how their grooming should be done the breeder will be able to assist you.



  1. Larry Jennings says:

    I have had two sky terriers and because of jobs had to return them later to the breeder because of jobs that involved travel. My first job I took MAX with me and he was the hit where ever we went. I live in Jax Fl now, semi retired and have a full yard and the TIME that Skyye’s need. PLEASE contact me @ 904-300-5957 if you know of a puppy, any gender or one that is 2-3 years old from a rescue too..these dogs bond with ONE person and you EARN their trust, that is what I love about them.
    Larry Jennings

  2. Pam says:

    My Skye had puppies. I want to find good homes for them. They are all girls. They are hard to find and kind of rare in America.

  3. Bobby says:

    If anyone knows of puppies for adoption in the US, please let me know.

  4. Renee Brown says:

    Looking for black male any size. Lost our seven year old last year. Please contact is puppy available.

  5. We have 5weeks old puppies for sale. From Ch Bohemia Skywalker Comander Luke and Sagasky Clementine Coco. More informations in email

  6. Lynn says:

    5 week old puppies for sale. What country are these puppies located. Very interested!

  7. Susan welch says:

    I saw you you had dogs for sale I wanted to see how much you wanted for them?

  8. liz says:

    my grandma had this breed. loved him. would be interested in getting more info. 631 626-1563 i live long island New york.

  9. Erin Shaw says:

    I just had a champion bred litter of Skye pups born last week by GCH Royalist Snownight O’Kuhlbreeze and out of CH Kamo I’ll Take the High Road. I have one puppy that has not yet been reserved. Possibly two if there is no drop ear in the litter. I believe mine is the only champion bred litter currently in America. Please contact me if interested.

  10. Laura smith says:

    Erin shaw do you have a website

  11. Elena says:

    We have puppy for sale

  12. fioravanti barbara says:

    3 dais ago my 3th female skye is dead. I want another if possible.

  13. Elena says:

    I have female – 2.5 months. Please contact me if nterested.

  14. Dmitry says:

    We have last puppy of skye for sale. it’s a boy 6.5 month old. Show class. Please contact: dimon_gost@rambler. ru

  15. Scott says:

    Looking for Skye Terrier puppies. Prefer a female with darker coat.

  16. Bev Seeley says:

    Looking to own another skye. I see Dmitry has one last puppy for sale. Please email me if he is still available and the cost.

  17. Pat says:

    Looking for Skye puppy please e mail me at

  18. Ingrid says:

    looking for a skye puppy near Belgium, can anybody give me some advise please

  19. Dan says:

    Experienced Skye owner looking for male puppy. Prefer black coat email dan@gaynorsschoolofcooking

  20. Sharon says:

    Looking for a Skye puppy or young adult prefer a female at this time We have been proud Skye parents for well over 50+ yrs & just recently lost our little girl to cancer Our home is empty without a Skye

  21. Elena says:

    I have 7 puppies (2 male and 5 female). They born 3/01/2016. Dark and light silver. Ukraine.

  22. clark says:

    Looking for a skye puppy in the US. Email me if you have any.

  23. george says:

    looking for skyeterrier pup us live in AZ

  24. Carla says:

    I am looking for a skye terrier puppy in New York State.Please e-mail

  25. Bobbie says:

    I’m in southern California and am looking for a skye puppy. Help please.

  26. Meredith Jewell says:

    looking for skye terrier puppy in Florida

  27. Samantha says:

    Looking for Skyes in the United States. My husband and I reside in Florida – we have a 1 year old Skye and are looking for a younger brother/sister. Email Thanks!

  28. Simon Webster says:

    Hello all,
    Experienced Skye owner looking for a male puppy please do contact me if you have one available.
    Based in the uk with this comment left in June 2016
    Thank you

  29. Lynn A. says:

    Looking to adopt a young adult or older puppy Skye Terrier on the east coast. Grew up with a Skye Terrier who had two litters, As an adult I have owned Sheltie/Border collie mix and German Shepard/corgi mix. Please contact me at email address if any dogs are available.

  30. Lynn A. says:

    Lynn A. — My email address did not show here, It is

  31. Lena cloherty says:

    Hi I’m looking for a Skye puppy grew up with one

  32. Shal says:

    young Skye male available to a loving home.

    If interested, kindly email me DIRECTLY at

  33. Kurt says:

    Seeking a female Skye terrier to add to our family. Please call me in Oregon at 541.650.5966 or email at

  34. Ayuko Kimura-Fay says:

    I just lost a sweet female Skye Terrier (house pet/not a show dog) and am looking for a female Skye Terrier puppy. I am NOT looking for a show dog. Please let me know if you or anyone is selling the puppies. I have a house and a yard and have a 11 years old male West Highland Terrier. My home number is 703-573-4693 and email address is Thank you.

  35. Jayne A Beltz says:

    In looking for a Skye Terrier puppy. I’m from Ohio and can’t seem to find anyone for this breed. I’m on a 10 acre horse farm and just looking for a house companion

  36. Kristi says:

    I saw that Kennel Juger Edelweiss from Estonia (Europe) had puppies at the end of 2018, so maybe they have some left.

  37. Joan Bomba says:

    We have a 6 yr old male Skye we rescued and are looking for another Male or female
    We are in Central Pa.

  38. Mike Barth says:

    Hello my name is mike. My wife Maria and I are actively looking for 2 Skye pups if possible. We recently lost our two dogs, a 15 year old chihuahua floppy and his companion of 9 years Princess Leia Bear a Skye terrier who was given up because of her fawn coloring and brown nose. We aren’t looking to show dogs, just fill the huge hole in my wife and I heart. So empty in our house it sucks.
    We’ve had other breeds but really love all the Skye has to give.
    That being said please hit me with some puppy info if you have some.
    Thanks and blessings to all

  39. Forest E. says:

    Hello, I have a 4 year old male Charlie and we have been searching for years trying to find a mate (not for profit) to start a family of his own to include in our own. He is the light of ours and everyones life he comes in contact with over the years. He’s been a therapy dog for my father inlaw while battling cancer this last year and has done a wonderful service to us all in the process. We are searching for a female that we can include in our home. We don’t mind traveling any distance to do so if willing. Currently living at our homes in TX, AR and OK. Any information would be much appreciated. Please help! We are also open to having a male as well for a companion.

  40. Pamela Moran says:

    Our Skye Terrier Yogi, just passed on. It has left a huge void in our family. We would love to get another Skye but can’t find any. Does anyone have puppies for sale?

  41. Dmitry says:

    Hi, Pamela! Yes, we have… You can

  42. April Lynn Vaughn says:

    My sister lost her dear Skye terrier in a house fire. She is so lost without him. It has been a year and she is ready for a new one. Are there any available?

  43. Pammsky says:

    Hello! My little daughter is so sad. I wish to buy for her a sweet best friend! Please is there anyone with puppies for sale? We have a large yard, in a wooded area! Non-smoking family.

  44. Suzanne Accashian says:

    I had a Skye Terrier growing up. I was severely abused by a step mother. Sassy was my best friend. I would cry into her and she wouldn’t leave me for any reason. I want to own another. I don’t know what the cost is. I want a silver male pet. Certainly nothing fancy. The. Thing I want they all possess, loyalty. I would love an older puppy/young dog or a young puppy. I had adopted an older dog, had him for a week and had to re-home him. I was petrified in my own home. He would growl and snarl. Being 18 back then I was too young to know how to work with him. Sassy would then protect me. My first apartment and I was I’ll equipped.
    It is not 40 years later and having raised five children and now enjoy our grandchildren.
    We have five acres no neighbors in front, behind to the south but through heavy pined north our only neighbor. About 300 feet. We raise chickens and pigeons. Fox, weisels, mink, coyote and Hawks all inhabit and we do what we can to protect our flock.
    We recently lost one of our dogs to old age, he was 16. We have two more one age 14 and 12. I would like to share my love of Skye terriers with my husband no that the children are grown. Please text if you are in the USA close to South Carolina. 203-733-6797 Thank you.

  45. Toni Rohm says:

    I would love to get either a puppy or a younger Skye terrier. If anybody has puppies or need to rehome a non-show quality Skye, please let me know. Thank you


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