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Skye Terrier Breeder

Portree Skye Terriers
Williamstown, NJ

Gleanntan Kennels
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Serendipity Skye Terriers
Breeder: Joan Fingar
Rochester, NY

Cladich Skye Terriers
Breeder: Susan Parsons
Holderness, NH
Phone: (603) 968-7837

Merrybend Skyes
Breeder: Carol Gregoire
Landmark, Manitoba Canada

Jeansa Skye Terriers
Breeder: Barbara Griffin
Freshwater, Newfoundland
Phone : (709) 227-5397

Sky knight Kennels
Breeder: Cheryl Sutton
Embro, Ontario Canada
Website: Skyknight Kennels

Yon Skye Terriers
Breeder: Doug McKendrick
Milestone, SK, Canada
Phone: (306) 436-4440
Website: Yons Skye Terriers

Breeder: Dr. Richard Meen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: (416) 929-5190

Idrigill Skye Terriers
Breeder: Debby Nelson
Saskatchewan Canada
Phone: (306) 876-2110
website: Idrigill Skye Terriers

Northern Skyeterriers
Breeder: Sylvia Shaw
Ontario, Canada
Phone: (705) 945-7709
Website: Northern Skye

Rusalka Skyes
Breeder: Sandi Smiley
Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada
Phone: (604) 855-7580

Terrier Tribe
Breeder: Steve Spicer
Nashua, NH,
Website: Terrier Tribe

Jafeica Skyes
Breeder: Judith Armstrong
Ontario, Canada
Phone: (905) 729-4637
Website: WNBE Jafeica

Deverdon Skye terries
Breeder: Sylvie Verdon
Gatineau, Quebec Canada
Phone: (819) 778-3612

Breeder: Sharon Kleim
Victoria, BC Canada
Phone: (250) 388-5515


The Skye terrier is one of the most elegant dog breeds and they are very loyal to the people that they know and love. This is a very rare breed yet anyone who is fortunate enough to be able to own one will find that they have a great opportunity upon them. However, this breed is known best for their very independent nature so it is very important for them to go to obedience training so they can be the best companions to their owners as possible.

The Skye terrier happens to be one of the oldest breeds of terriers that originated on the west coast of Scotland on the Isle of Skye. They were created with the goal of being able to destroy vermin and they also had a very keen sense of smell in addition to muscular bodies which gave them the power the be able to locate both foxes and badgers who were preying on the farms livestock. Additionally, they had a very long coat and hair over their faces which helped keep them from becoming injured not to mention the fact that it also enabled them to be able to survive in harsh climates. Furthermore, once Queen Victoria became fascinated with the Skye terrier during the 19th century they became very popular. Not to mention the fact that the Skye terrier by the name of “Greyfriar’s Bobby” was the role model for how devotional this breed could be since he remained loyal to his master Constable John Grey even after he was put to the grave up until his death.

Skye terriers are medium build dogs that have short legs with long bodies and a larger head. They do require for you to brush their coats daily to insure that they do not mat up and you also will be required to have their coats trimmed to insure that their coats do not drag the ground. If you are thinking about adding a Skye terrier to your family you will want to keep these things in mind. Furthermore, they have been in the AKC since 1887, they can get up to 35 4o 45 pounds, and they are elegant dogs who were primarily bred to be vermin hunters.




  1. I am working on a website featuring Greyfriars Bobby Would it be possible to bring the attention of the website to your members? I would appreciate your help.

  2. Z'Anne Keele says:

    We are very interested in finding another Skye, since our beloved Jewel died this winter at 15. Please contact us about any available Skye, puppy or adult. Thanks.

  3. I am looking for a skye terrier to show. I have finished two skyes several years ago.

  4. BJ says:

    What is the average size litter for a sky terrior?

  5. Joan Helms says:

    We recently lost our 11 year old Skye Terrier. We have a 10 year old male who misses her terribly. We are seeking to purchase another female puppy or adult. You may reach us by email or phone 815-498-6247.

  6. Suzette Sandford says:

    I recently lost my Skye Terrier, that I rescued 7 years ago. I have a 7 year old make who is lost without her. I am looking to rescue/purchase a female puppy or adult. My home has no children and an adult who is always home. I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Dianne Moir says:

    I have a 6 year old Westie who really needs a friend – will these dogs do well together?

  8. Margot Jones says:

    Looking for a Skye as a family pet; gender not important, pup or rescue. Lost our beloved Skye rescue a few years ago (he lived a long, healthy, happy life). Ideally located in southern Ontario.
    Thank you!

  9. Jacqualine Nicodemus says:

    May f 2014 Cruizer, my Skye Terrier age 11, had to be put to sleep. Vet found a very large tumor pushing against his lungs. He followed my Husband in death, he had Leukemia, Cruizer was his best friend.
    I would really like to find a Skye Terrier. Have been unable to find a Skye in Pacific Northwest. I live in Oregon.
    Can you help me need a best buddy to take away all the pain and crying and nothing Better than a Skye!

  10. Jacqualine Nicodemus says:

    can you help me find a wonderful SKYE TERRIER? not for show can be the runt would make me happy
    please help
    thank you

  11. megan says:

    Looking for another Skye. Have one and would like a second! Perferably from Canada as we live in saskatchewan

  12. Toni Rohm says:

    I was wondering if anyone had any puppies for sale. I do not need show quality (don’t plan on showing.)

  13. alex pincombe says:

    Having been showing for 52 years, age is creeping up. I have always said my last Show dog would be a Skye Terrier, preferably a male, as he will be living as part of the family.During the years in Australia we have been active in Bearded Collies, Have bred 56 champions many All Breeds Best in Show Winners, all this from never 2 litters a yeay, occasionally only one litter some years. I have to ask you about price of a good Quality Male, or young Adult. The reason for asking price th that on Chirismas Day our Prime Minister cheered us all DOWN, by telling us all that next year our Australian Dollar will drop by 50%. Quarantine is only 10 days, at AU$140.00 per day. If you did have something I would make a quick trip to see you–probably only a couple of days, if you have a Motel near you. I cannot say that we are panicking about the Dollar, but it will hurt very many breeders. In lots of cases numbers will have to be reduced, Shows will get Smaller, but I am determined that if I get one, by his second year in the ring he will be number one Skye in Oz! Hope you are having a wonderful Xmas, cheers from Oz

  14. Barbee Futrell says:

    I just lost my Silkland terrier who was part of our family for 13 years. Dundee was often mistaken for a Skye terrier, and had the same ears and markings of one, so no wonder. I am looking for a puppy this year, and we are well aware of the dispositions of these terriers, and find them to be loyal and compassionate members of the household once they are trained, and comfortable. Please let me know if there are any puppies for purchase the remainder of this year–2017.

  15. Shal Actor says:

    13 month old Skye male with excellent temperament available to a pet home. Contact via email.

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  19. Doug Mckendrick says:

    Comtact information update for “Yons skye terriers”
    Phone number: (306)- 464-2229

  20. Nicole Thies says:

    Hi!, its my drem to have a sky terrier puppy but i live in Mexico can someone help me? How can i make my drem come thrue?


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