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Skye Terrier Rescue

What is Skye Terrier Rescue?
Skye Rescue is a volunteer, not for profit program whose purpose it is to help Skye Terriers who through no fault of their own are orphaned, abandoned or in need of re-homing. Most Skye who enter the rescue loop are rescued from shelters or humane associations. Other have been given up by owners who are unable or unwilling to continue to care for their Skyes.

What does Rescue do?
Skye Rescue rescues Skyes in distress. This program rescues and places approximately 20 Skyes each year. Once a Skye Terrier joins our rescue family, he is evaluated for temperament, personality, medical statue, and his specific needs. All Rescue Skyes are spayed or neutered prior to placement. All Rescue Skyes are current on vaccinations, screened for heartworm and treated if necessary, and deemed to be healthy prior to placement. Skye Rescue evaluates each Skye’s individual needs to assess who they in order to make the best placement decision both for the Skye and the adoptive family.
Skye Rescue carefully screens, reviews rescue applications and interviews prospective adoptive families. It is the goal of Skye Rescue to best match the needs and personality of each rescue Skye with that of the prospective home. Our high rate of success is because of the care taken evaluating both the Rescue Skye, the applicants and then finding the best possible home for each Skye. It is Rescue’s goal that each adoption result in a permanent home for these needy Skye Terriers.

What are Rescue Skyes like?
Skye Terriers are a medium sized dog with short legs. They stand approximately 10″ -13″ at the shoulder, whose body is approximately 20″ – 25″ long as measured from the keel bone ( point of chest) to the base of the tail, and weighs between 25 and 40 pounds. Skyes appear very low and long and should be two times as long as they are tall. Skyes are a long coated breed whose coat may hang to the floor. The coats on Rescue Skyes may be cut down or very short. Their coat color can be black, any shade of gray or cream with black ears. Sometimes their ear are gray rather than black. Skyes can have either prick ears (standing up) or drop ears (similar to spaniel ears). Most Rescue Skyes are adult dogs – young adults to senior citizens. Our is a long lived breed many living until 13 – 14 years of age.

Rescue Skyes have proven that Skyes are a very adaptable breed with a forgiving spirit. They are a uniquely wonderful, special and truly ‘heavenly’ breed. Skyes are very bright and pragmatic enough to understand that they have been to the pits and recognize gentle, patient, loving care, structure and support when offered. Skye Rescue has successfully re-homed or assisted over 150 Skyes in distress.
However, a Skye may not be the right dog for everyone. Skyes are a breed with an independent point of view. They do not accept dominance for the sake of dominance; owners must earn a Skye’s respect, love and acceptance. We often say that folks who live with Skyes are owned by them. Skye Terriers are intelligent, sensitive but strong willed. Skyes can be stubborn and protective of their territory and their people. They may appear shy, fearful or perhaps even aggressive if in a stressful, unknown, unsuitable, cornered or unusual situation. Once these stressed Skyes are allowed to rehabilitate and are given time to heal, they make fabulous dogs to live with. They do not take kindly to harsh correction or criticism. Training of a Skye is most successful when approached as something positive and a fun activity to do together. As with most terriers, harsh correction or aggressive training will only make a Skye Terrier more aggressive.

Skye Terriers require regular grooming. They should be brushed weekly and bathed every two – three weeks.

What does it cost to adopt a Skye Terrier?
Adopting a Rescue Skye is an excellent way to own a pure bred Skye Terrier whose temperament, personality and medical statue have carefully been screened and matched to the needs and life style or the applicant. There is no mandatory adoption fee; we ask the adoptive family to reimburse us, if possible, for any shipping costs, if required to the new home. We also ask for a voluntary tax deductible donation to the Skye Terrier Foundation to allow us to continue to asset other Skyes in distress. Most of our funds come from the generosity of friends of our ‘heavenly’ Skyes who make it possible for Skye Rescue to continue its good works.

How can you help?
The success of Skye Terrier Rescue depends on each of us. We ask you to be our eyes and ears. We ask you to contact us immediately if you learn of a Skye Terrier who needs to be rescued, is in a Shelter or Humane Association facility or if you have you can no longer keep.




  1. Ruth Stewart says:

    I have had one Skye and would like
    to see if there is one for me…I have been checking but have not found any
    one who has any in the west area…

  2. Sondra gapen says:

    I live in upper michigan . We have lots of room in the country. We r looking for Skye’s

  3. Sondra gapen says:

    We have lots of passion for dogs would like to have a to have a new baby in our family. Spoiling dogs are great loving fun

  4. Sondra gapen says:

    I am looking for a male and female not fixed if possible.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I am with Golden Retriever Rescue and have a male Skye Terrier to place see our website at

  6. Mariola says:

    Hello there,
    We are sky terriër addicts :))
    Our beloved blond sky Doodle died last year hè was 14.
    Wil stil Miss him like mad and the only breed we would-be consider is a sky because there is no other breed for us.
    Do we apply for an adoption ( we live in the Netherlands )
    Kind regards Mariola and Tinus

  7. florie rabin says:

    we are looking for a young skye to replace our 18 year old annie who passed on christmas day

  8. Carlos J Echanis says:

    I just lost my 11 year old Savannah, Skye terrier–she died Jan 15,2014, suddenly & unexpectedly–she was born
    on Xmas Day–your dog died on her 11th B=day–I have been contacted bu her previous owner about 2 different Skyes in MO–1 2year old male & one six year old female that need homes –I am not ready yet–can put you in contact if still looking.

  9. Z'Anne Keele says:

    Our beloved Skye died this winter at 15. We would dearly love another opportunity to live with the Heavenly Breed.

  10. Katie Day says:

    Have a Skye Terrier in SD needing immediate rescue.

  11. Judy ook says:

    Looking for an adult Skye terrier who needs a loving home!

  12. Audrey Norman says:

    I have hey Skye Terrier I need to re home. Her name is blondie she is 10 years old in good condition for her age needs some dental work done. I live on Social Security and I am unable to do

  13. Audrey Norman says:

    the comment was sent before I was done. Blondie is a very friendly Skye Terrier. She is good with other dogs and cats. She has not had any health problems other than her teeth.I am going to have back surgery and don’t have anyone to care for her. It could happen in an emergency situation and I am afraid of what happened to Blondie if that happens.I am located near Boise,Idaho.Phone no.208–484-1794

  14. Chris StJohn says:

    Many years exp with Skyes when I was young. Now single and in my 60s, looking for a Skye companion. No show quality needed. Personality plus is sought !

  15. Carlos J Echanis says:

    Know of a wonderful 6 year old silver Skye in the the NY Hudson Valley who needs a good home—can contact me at & I will put you in touch with her foster dad. Thanks.

  16. Robert Dall says:

    I owned a sky terrier for nearly 10 years and love the breed and would love to own another I live in edinburgh

  17. Jean Dixon says:

    URGENT: Beautiful young SKYE at Miami-Dade Animal Services. They will kill him. They kill purebreds every day. HELP.

  18. Michael Nardino says:

    My family is interested in giving a skye a forever home. if anyone know of a young skye in need of a loving family please let us know

  19. Richard montgomery says:

    Wanted skye terrier

  20. David A. Murray says:

    I would really be very interested to know how to go about adopting a skye terrier. My elderly mother was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland in the same neighbourhood as the Greyfrair’s fountain and nearby cemetery. I still remember as a child that water poured from the base of the monument to satisfy the thirst of any passing four legged friend.

    I would truly appreciate each and everyone’s assistance in my pursuit.

    Kind Regards,

  21. Chris StJohn says:

    Retired single gentleman with OLIVIA history in Skyes seeking new companion. Experience in training for agility.

  22. Ruth Stewart says:

    I have had a f Skye terrier it was my
    sons until he went to college and then
    it was mine we all loved her for 13 years they are hard to find.. when we
    were in Scotland a number of years ago
    we saw the monument of skye there…

  23. Jodi Simmons says:

    I have an intact male Skye who I need to rehome. He is 4 years old. He is uncomfortable and nervous around our toddler. Although very sweet and loving, as well as loyal and compliant, he has been unable to adjust to life with our little one. There have been no incidents of biting, just growls and bears his teeth when the baby gets too close. We do not want to give up on this dog, but believe it would serve him best to live with adults and older children. Contact me if this dog sounds like the right fit for you.

  24. Edward Dougherty says:

    Live on a large lake .. big fenced in yard. I love the skyes. Would love if u can find me one.

  25. Jodi Simmons says:

    My Skye guy has found his forever home! Thank you all for your interest and well wishes :)

  26. Bobby says:

    Looking for a Skye terrier. Don’t care about sex.

  27. Susan says:

    I’ve had a CairnTerrier and Westie. We live in East Tennessee & would love a Skye Terrier. We have 32 acres and a large fenced back yard and smaller fenced side yard. We have a 4 year old lab and a very nice cat…both inside animals.

  28. Dan says:

    I have recently lost Dougal, a loyal member of the family who we rescued from an abusive owner when he was young. My wife and I have a large house with a fenced back yard near Pittsburgh. Our children are all at college or beyond so it is just us.
    I would love another Skye. As I am a Scot myself and have been known to wear the kilt, it would be important that our new family member loves all things Scottish, is willing to take over the running of the house and can bark with a Scottish accent :)

  29. Stephanie Kuluva says:

    Looking for a young male Skye Terrier to give a loving forever home. Live in California, have over 20 years experience with Cairns and Scotties. Terrier-safe and friendly home and fenced yard with one 13 yr old Cairn girl and one 3 yr old Scottie mix, with lovely dog park, beach, and hiking trails nearby. I am retired and home most of the time.
    Please contact at

  30. Wanda MxKay says:

    We lost our precious Skye Terrier, Molly, to cancer in August. She was especially precious to us because we inherited her from my only son who died of cancer in 2007. We are ready to rescue another Sky Terrier. We would like onethat is young (less than two years old). Our veterinarian, Dr. Paul Fidelis at Banfied Veterinary Hospital in Katy, Texas, will give us excellent references.

  31. Jess says:

    How do I contact someone from the rescue about a Skye Terrier posted on craigslist in Chicago?

  32. Suze says:

    We lost my precious Lily to cancer in Sept 2014. Her housemate, which was also a rescue, is lost without her. We would love to rescue another Skye Terrier for him to bond with. Thank you.

  33. Jacky Q says:

    Hello! Looking for a Skye Terrier, gender doesn’t matter.. Have a 1/2 acre, fenced back yard, live in the country side in Florida. Thanks

  34. Audie says:

    looking for a home for my cream female Skye Terrier.

  35. Terry says:

    Would love to have another Skye… Mine died 2 yrs ago and it is time to get another!!!

  36. Mary says:


    Would love to talk to you about your skye

  37. Susan says:

    We are looking for an amazing home for a very sweet skye terrier. He’s my 81-year-old mother’s, and she has lost her home. Unfortunately, while her other animals can stay with me, some years ago my cairn terrier, who is alpha, challenged him, and my mother was home alone and couldn’t break up the fight, ending up in surgery for my dog, since Skyes are much, much bigger. So I can’t keep him in my house. My sister-in-law will no longer let my brother keep him because they already have several dogs and cats. If anyone is interested, he is a sweet boy, and he even talks to those he likes (such as me and my brother). You can carry on a whole conversation. I hate to let him go, but I can’t risk it. If anyone is interested, would love to hear from you.

  38. penny says:

    need to find a home for a neglected female skye terrier not sure of age my brother lost his battle with colon cancer recently want her to have a good home

  39. Shannon Sims says:

    Please send me pics of the Skye terriers you need placed and their info i.e. age, weight, whether or not they are altered etc. I work in the veterinary field and may be able to help place them. Cell 623-695-8125, texting pics and info would be best

  40. Amy says:

    Don’t trust the breed club to match your dog you are surrendering with a loving family. These people never get back to loving families and just give the dogs to their friends. Rescue referrals are jokes.

  41. Glory says:

    Animal Humane of New Mexico currently as what appears to be a purebred Skye. He is a male and they are guessing he is 4 years old. He is not microchipped and the owner has not claimed him. We own a Skye and he appears to be purebred. If you are interested, contact Animal Humane New Mexico. Their website is I would like to see him go to a proper home. He is very sweet.

  42. Glory says:

    If you are interested in the Skye Terrier that is at Animal Humane in Albuquerque, please refer to his ID number 40262. They are calling him Skyefall. He was returned to the shelter after being adopted because he did not get along with the family’s male dog.(typical Skye) The little Skye was recently neutered.

  43. John Malone says:

    I have a Skye Terrier around 4 years old that I need to find a home for. please contact me if interested. I live in Johnson City, Tn.

  44. Dan Grant says:

    Hi John:
    I’m still looking to adopt another Skye. Unfortunately our first, Dougal, passed a few months ago.

  45. teah says:

    I had a beautiful cream male skye that passed away in January at the age of 12… I would love to adopt another 1 years old or younger. .. we have a huge 6″ privacy fence and my husband works from home and I’m a stay at home mom.. we live seconds from a bike trail.. I have 1 year old and 4 year old daughters I would really prefer to adopt over purchasing one.. I live in janesville wi. .. you can contact me at

  46. bowie says:

    My Bowie is dead we can help my to find another Skye

  47. Suzette says:

    I am looking for a female Skye Terrier. I would love to adopt one to be with my Albert, Skye Terrier. No children, fenced in yard, and an adult always home. Albert is neutered. I live in Plano, IL. My contact info Thank you.

  48. Hello…i am looking to adopt or rescue a Boy Skye terrior. I live in Naugatuck ,Ct. Any suggestions ? Thank you…Concetta


  49. Chris Stjohn says:

    Retired single gentleman with OLIVIA history in Skyes seeking new companion. I live in Maryland. Experience in training for agility.

  50. Skyler recently lost his human dad and is looking for a new and forever home:

  51. Susan Green says:

    Have had a number of tragedies in my personal and family life over last five years. I am the only person left living in my immediate family. I[m looking for a companion, in particular a Skye Terrier. Please let me know if you are a breeder and have some pups for sale. Thank you.

  52. V Ellen Steiger says:

    I have two great dogs that need to be rehomed, preferably together. One is a sweet female black Skye Terrier about 7 yrs and an adorable white Glen of Imaal mix. Thank you.

  53. Deanna Bradley says:

    We are a loving family in Westchester New York who would be thrilled to bring home a Skye. Please let us know if a puppy or adult dog is available.
    Thank you!

  54. Deanna Bradley says:

    We are a loving family in Westchester New York who would be thrilled to bring home a Skye. Please let us know if a puppy or adult dog is available.
    Thank you!

  55. jyl muhlbradt says:

    I lost my Luna in May after 14 1/2 years. I also have another, Nick, who is in his third bought with cancer, but is inoperable. I’m afraid that he will be my last because they are so hard to find. If anyone knows of a skye needing a home please contact me thanks!

  56. Carol Tait says:

    I rescued Jasper 8 years ago from a horrible home shelter. We were never sure how old he was but he died last April 1st from kidney failure. He was the best ever – gentle, affectionate, fun-loving and smart. We shared a lot and he was my great friend. I miss him terribly. If anyone knows of a Skye who needs a loving home please email me.

  57. Michael K says:

    We have a 5 year old male Skye Terrier for adoption. His name is Theodore. He needs to be the only pet in your loving home with older children and if you could give him that then he will be devoted to you.

    He is a indoor dog, but he loves walks and playing ball, and can run like the wind!

    For more information email me at MLJ3607@HOTMAIL.COM

  58. Brandon Ratliff says:

    my family is wanting to adopt a skye terrier.we have 1 skye terrier already and we love the breed.does anyone know of any skyes available for adoption

  59. Dan says:

    Hi Brandon:
    There is a Skye on near Pittsburgh, PA (Laura) and also Susan (april 2015) above is trying to rehome her Skye.
    Good Luck

  60. Dan says:

    Correction, Michael K above is the same Syke as Laura

  61. Kristen ray says:

    Have a female skye i would love to breed. I am from the Pittsburgh area.any interest or recommendations?

  62. Randy Broo says:

    I am looking to adopt a senior Skye Terrier. I now have a 13 1/2 year old Skye named Hazel. I have always had Skyes as well as 5-6 generations back. My little girl is still healthy but slowing down. I live in Palm Springs CA and my new dog would be a inside dog with daily walks and outings weather permitting. I have always been partial to older hard to place dogs as they need homes the most. Hazel came to me as a puppy and has been the love of my life

  63. Bette Luksha-Gammell says:

    How does one contact you to advise of a Skye in a shelter? or to adopt/fill out an application? I see no phone number or “contact us”

  64. Carolyn Johnson says:

    I am interested in adopting a Skye. How do I get on a list? How do we continue this conversation? Thank you.

  65. Carol Tait says:

    I have tried to fill out an application for a skye, but the app “trashed” by laptop. there are no numbers to call. I’d really like some contact information that works.

  66. mari says:

    owned a skye for 13 years. Loved that dog more than anything. Would like to rescue or purchase another skye

  67. Renee Brown says:

    Lost our Baruch after seven years. Have five acres for a new Skye to play on with our ten year old daughter.

  68. Paul huber says:

    Have adopted an adult female. Third Skye in a lifetime. This one went thru a few homes before me. My experience with them has been that most are not good with other dogs. Certainly there are exceptions but one should obtain information from experienced Skye people before introducing into a home with another dog. This one is very territorial and jealous but very sweet and good with me.

  69. Merizza says:

    How do we find out who’s adoptable? My uncle who is a senior would like to adopt a housebroken, trained companion for life. How does your process work?

  70. Pauletta Littleton says:

    I lost my Skye Molly last yr . I would love to find a sweet skye to adopt .

  71. s vanatta says:

    WE have two female skye terriers needing good homes here at Many Tears. . please see our web they are sweet ex breeding dogs. they walk on leads are quiet and gentle. they can be homed separately. we only home to people with fenced gardens and who don’t leave them all day. We are strict with homing because we care.

  72. Kathy Phillips says:

    We have an adopted dog now,Molly is 8 yrs old and we would like to have a Senior Skye. We had one for 10 years and loved Max. When he died at 14 we were heartsick.. We believe in adopting.Let me know about these dogs please. Thank you.

  73. Kathy Phillips says:

    We have a large fenced yard, but Molly is walk on a greenbelt twice a day. She does not go potty in the yard. Urinates yes but no poo, her choice.My husband and I are retired and we treat Molly like a princess. Our friends want to be our pets.

  74. caroline says:

    We have a sweet 4 year old spayed female cream skye in need of a new loving home. She is a love with us, and is used to other dogs, and cats, even chickens. The problem is that she is NOT good with kids. I have a couple of older kids, and they are ok with her, but if their friends come over, or she meets toddlers, she turns aggressive. We have a new baby on the way, and I worry alot about how she would be with the baby. She was given to us from a great breeder, because her back wasn’t straight enough to breed her. Email me if you’d like to chat. I will be very picky with her new home.

  75. caroline says:

    oh, my email address is

  76. Jenna Smith says:

    I am in need of a new home for our 14yo skye. She is not good with children but extremely relaxed and docile when around adults. She is a grooming nightmare right now because she has refused to let me shave her down for this summer. I don’t want to drop her off at a shelter but my husband won’t stand for her to snap or bite our children anymore. This makes me sick to get rid of her but I cannot just surrender her to a shelter who will kill her because she’s senior. To be honest, She does need to go outside almost every 2/3 hours because she is starting to have a little trouble holding for a long period of time.

  77. Jenna Smith says:

    Sorry we live in Fort Worth Texas too!

  78. Erin says:

    Have you found a home yet for your 4 yr old pup?

  79. Rick Tatangelo says:

    Have had Skye terriers in the past. Would love to be able to rescue another.

  80. milt rosenberg says:

    retired lawyer. have had skyes with me for 40 years, including a wonderful cream rescue. they were a fixture in my law office, and never left alone. last one died over a year ago and I thought I could survive dogless, but find I cant. If there is anyone considering placing their skye but are concerned to be assured of a caring and knowledgeable adopter and a comfortable kidless home, please contact me at georg, or 608/231-6784.

  81. Bette Luksha-Gammell says:

    Recently lost our 16 yr old Skye
    Need to fill our home with love again.

  82. Brenda McAnear says:

    Ilive in amarillo tx. There is a skye terrier listed as a dog at our pound. PLEASE have some one contact someone here to save it,

  83. Regina Olanoff says:

    Retired to west coast of Florida.. need a companion dog. Love to have a housebroken Skye to enrich my life

  84. Mary Rayburn Drake says:

    Considering adopting an older Skye. We have an older cat so would need one who was compatible to that.

  85. Mary Rayburn Drake says:

    Considering adopting an older Skye. We have an older cat so would need one who was compatible to that. We are on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

  86. Paula Sterling says:

    Am interested in adopting a Skye Terrier Adult dog.
    Color: anything other than white
    House trained

  87. Whitney says:

    I have a female grey Skye who is in need of a loving, kid-free home. Please contact me if you can help place her in some way.

  88. Stijntje Kelpin says:

    We have had Skyes all our lives and are looking forward to a new one after the unexpected death of our 5 year-old Skye of lymphatic cancer last February. We wonder why the home should be kid-free. Awaiting your answer, I remain, Stijntje

  89. Stijntje Kelpin says:

    Whitney, please send me an e-mail. We are highly interested!

  90. Elizabeth Schmidt says:

    Hi Whitney, I am interested in potentially taking your Skye terrier. Please email me!

  91. Stephanie Kuluva says:

    Hi, Whitney. Loving, kid-free home for Skye Terrier available here! Fully fenced yard, Scottie mix gentleman + human home most of the time, near dog park, hiking trails. Where are you located? Please post contact email or phone.

  92. Maria says:

    Hi all. Looking for a female skye to live with us in rural NH, with our beloved male skye Hunter. We recently lost our 16 year old female who was the love of Hunter’s life. He is lonely, and we have lots of love to give and space.

  93. Linda Mahnke says:

    Would like to rescue 2 young Skye terriers.I live in Camarillo, CA…805 233 4813…
    Thank you.

  94. Roz Smith says:

    I have just lost my 3rd Skye, Maggie, at only 10 years old because of cancer. I know and LOVE the breed. Please let me know of any SKYE who needs rescued, or of puppies. I live in Yonkers, NY but will travel to pick up the right dog, preferably female, for me. Thanks.

  95. Karen says:

    I have a beautiful Skye that I am thinking about rehoming. He is almost 5 months. If anyone is interested, please let me know. He is dark and adorable. Please email me at

  96. Glenn Grooms says:

    We just lost our 10 year old Skye unexpectedly to cancer. He was our world and still grieving. I know I would like to adopt another in the coming weeks / months. My wife is having a harder time with it. If anyone has a young Skye that they are looking to rehome/adopt or in need of rescue, he /she would certainly have 2 doting parents and a loving home…..please email any photos and info

  97. Tina Badgett says:

    I just rescued what I believe is pure Skye Terrier puppy. Before I have him neutered, I read that they are on the nest extinction list. Please advise

  98. Susan says:

    Testing, testing to see if messages are being responded to…

  99. Linda Gutesha says:

    We are in Colorado and just starting our search for a Skye either puppy or adult. I’ve always loved the breed. We are happy to drive to other states to find and pick up our pup. Any advice/info would be appreciated.

  100. Carrie Marvin says:

    There is an urgent SKYE at the KERN COUNTY CALIFORNIA shelter. He is considered a fear biter his number is A1093600
    Is there a rescuer out there?

  101. Bob Isbell says:

    We live in Northwest Missouri and have had Skye Terriers in our home for the past 20 years and have bred several litters. The last of our last litter is now 10 years old. Looking for a young female Skye as a companion for all of us. Pure bred but papers are unnecessary. Spayed or unsprayed OK. No children at home. Quiet, peaceful home.

  102. richard ziehm says:

    Years ago my wife and I purchased our first Skye (1963). Within the last couple of years we lost our two skyes to illness. They were brother and sister. Our little drop ear girl Sheba suffered from mylemonia, followed 14 months later by her prick ear brother< Rowdy, due to kidney and liver failure. I have been on pet finders for quite a while but have only experienced notices for Skyes from States that don’t allow out of state adoption or are mixed breeds. Please- if you have any leads I would appreciate an email.

  103. Meg O'Brien says:

    I grew up with Skyes — we had 5 of them. I know and love the breed. I am an experienced brusher! Have a big yard, two older children, another friendly dog for a Skye in need. Near Chicago area. Appreciate info about Skyes in need of rescue.

  104. Susan Payne says:

    I have a customer who needs to surrender or older Skye Terrier. She has thought about putting him down. He’s very good to groom lays on his side very trusting loves coming to the grooming shop. Can someone please help us. My name is Susan Ginger is Buddy’s mom she does not have a cell phone that receives emails or text messages she’s asked me to help

  105. Susan Payne says:

    Buddy should be the only dog. We are in the Sacramento area. You may reach me at our grooming business it’s area code 916-421-0481

  106. Paul Huber says:

    Adopted an adult female several years ago. I was going to give her to someone who had lost his Skye but he wasn’t ready. How happy I am for that. SKYE Bear Maggie is a pure joy. She is getting up there now and it concerns me that she may not be around that much longer. We have been lucky to have found each other.

  107. Cora Kostka says:

    Can I get a phone number so I can call you regarding finding a Skye terrier

  108. Jo A Strickland says:

    I just put mine to sleep and I would love to find another one. They are the best dogs in the world. I miss him dearly. Love the Skye Terrier!

  109. Gail Stockholm says:

    Trying to reach you with a beautiful healthy loving skye one and a half years that I may have to surrender for adoption. Are you in Palm Springs?

  110. David Duda says:

    Looking for a Skye. Showed them many years ago. Looking for a couch potato now. Please let me know if there are any needing a home I am on the Space coast of Florida THANKS

  111. Tinka Langfeld says:

    I have a sweet male Skye for whom I can no longer care. He is 9, neutered. I have to give all my pets away as I can no longer live alone. Thanks

  112. Carolyn Leininger says:

    I am looking for a younger female. I am a widow with a 10 year old dauchund, I recently lost her pal a 13 year old dauchund and we are lonesome.
    I had a female skye several years
    , she hathat got breast cancer, it was a terrible loss for me and my family and I would like to have another one again. I so loved her.
    I live in Minnesota in the twin cities.
    If you would contact me back again, I would love to take a rescue

  113. Carolyn Leininger says:

    I am looking for a younger female. I am a widow with a 10 year old dauchund, I recently lost her pal a 13 year old dauchund and we are lonesome.
    I had a female skye several years
    , she had been a dog show winner. She got breast cancer anyway d we lost it was a terrible loss for me and my family and we lost her. I would like to have another one again. I so loved her.
    I live in Minnesota in the twin cities.
    If you would contact me back again, I would love to take a rescue.

  114. Catherine McGowan says:

    I have. Had 2 male & 1 female salt and pepper Skye’s and would love to find another who needs a forever home. These are such wonderful dogs and have missed having be one since my beloved Clancy passed away 3years ago.

  115. Jan Ritzhaupt says:

    I had to have my Skye put to sleep in May of this year. She us the love of my live for 14years and I miss her beyond belief. Would love to have another Skye. Would love to have a rescue. Phone 937-773-3222

  116. Juli says:

    If Ben Shapiro runs for president in 2024, Do you think he will win the presidency?
    This is not asking if you think he will run or not. If Ben Shapiro does indeed run for president in 2024, do
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  117. Bobbie Johnson says:

    I have 2 skyes that need rehoming asap. I’m in the Minneapolis , Mn area. Who do I contact?

  118. Keith P White says:

    My wife and I had 2 Skyes one was from Beth Gates in Florida his name was Thunder and he was 5 when we got him. After passing Jim Pierce also in Florida gave us one of his 11 Skyes Bingo. Both dogs were the best each different but both were awesome. We are interested in trying to regime a Skye if we can help please let us know.

  119. Patti Weiss says:

    I have had several Skyes and they are the most special creatures.
    My last Skye experience was with Mother and Son. She came to me from Scotland and she had puppies and I kept one.
    Now, I am eager to have another. We have a huge backyard, completely fence and a quiet street.
    My friends are still telling stories about them.

  120. Kacie Arandas says:

    We rescued a very sweet 1 year old female 5 years ago. We had no idea her breed. It was just love at first sight! Turns out she is mostly Skye Terrier! We would fill our home with these wonderful babies! So we are searching for a rescue. Big fenced in back yard. Our pups are members of our family. Please let me know how we can rescue another Skye Terrier!

  121. Cara L JAHNKE Warford says:

    My husband and I are recent empty-nesters and looking to adopt a Skye Terrier ever since our trip to Scotland a few years ago. Is there a waiting list for a breeder, maybe? It is my understanding that the Skye Terrier is a rare breed…

  122. John Morman says:

    My wife and I would dearly lobe to adopt an adult (5 – 6 yr old Skye to be a companion for not only ourselves, but for our 2 yr old Scottie, who just lost her King Charles Cavalier buddy. Any suggestions?

  123. Sandra Hosek says:

    I’d like to adopt an older Skye terrier. I live in Rochester, MN. It will strictly be a house dog. Please contact if you have a gentle, older dog. thanks

  124. Elaine Macpherson says:

    Hi, we are looking to rescue a Skye prefare female .we live on the wirral and have other dogs and a cat .

  125. Why perform Brits appreciate the USA therefore much?
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  126. Anonymous says:

    Are there any rescues in the U.S. Near Houston or Dallas?

  127. Damian says:

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  128. Mel Surdin says:

    My wife and I live in Las Vegas, NV. We are looking for younger, preferably male, Skye. Familiar with the breed as I owned a wonderful Skye many years ago. Strictly a home/companion.

  129. Elizabeth Anne Hin says:

    Empty nester couple would love to adopt a Skye Terrier puppy to adult, excellent Home.

  130. Aidan says:

    I will have a 3 times weekend and I want to head to Scotland.
    I was considering either Aberdeen or Inverness. Which
    one is an improved option? Inverness, which is close to probably the most beautiful elements
    of the Scottish scenery

  131. Wes says:

    Hey All!! I live in the DC Metro Area and am looking to adopt a Skye Terrier puppy. If anyone has a lead, or can point me in a good direction – I would greatly appreciate it!

  132. Tatiana says:

    What is the significance of The Epic Of Gilgamesh?
    A. It describes how Gilgamesh’s arrogance led to wars.
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  133. Hope says:

    Who or what can awaken morgoth form the void? Could be on the rise the way that Sauron was on the rise in the hobbit
    and the lord of rings Books don’t specify. LOTR universe has an armageddon like Ragnarok,
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    I think Tulkas, Beren, and Turin ? are the ones to do battle with
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    He IS awake (conscious). Just too weak to reclaim Arda (as he spent his power in hate, mockery, and his armies).
    I think it’s multiple factors that lead to his return 1) The Valar and Elves slowly
    diminish. Their life is the Earth itself, and as the Earth ages,
    their powers will wane, or they will grow increasingly weary (or
    both), so mayhaps Morgoth sees their weakness as the opportune
    time to come back. 2) Whatever Morgoth will amass (speculation), whether it is only his power, or his armies and the unknown of the void is unknown.
    Sauron has become a shade of his former self. All of
    his power that he put into the ring was destroyed,
    and the ring was sustaining him in part (even though he wasn’t wearing it- it helped him
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    a force on the Earth is unknown, but if he can, it’s too weak
    to actually do anything now). So I don’t think Sauron can revitalize Morgoth since he has no power.
    It may be that every Maiar turned evil (including Saruman) have all gone to the void and
    are biding their time until they have the strength to come
    back. The book doesn’t really specify how they get their power
    back, only that eventually the final battle will take place.
    (after which Eru Illuvutar remakes everything, and everyone will sing the great music as
    it was intended to be, even Morgoth(?) i think).


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