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Preventing Skye Terrier Ear Infections

Although dog ear infection is a common problem among pets of every kind, it is something that can easily be avoided and treated. Spare your beloved pet from ear infections by doing simple home remedies such as constant ear clean-up using safe and natural dog cleaning supplies. But if you think that the ear problem is getting worse, it’s best that you consult a veterinarian to secure your dog’s health.

Don’t Let Your Pet Endure the Harm of Dog Ear Infections

Are you getting annoyed seeing your dog scratching his head nonstop or smelling something foul from him? Well don’t be because those irritating stuffs you notice are indication that your pet is undergoing some ear infections symptoms. My pet previously experienced dog ear problems and it’s really heart breaking to see her suffer from such disorder. You have to be aware that household pest like dogs and cats are susceptible to ear allergies or infections. This is because their interior ear canals simply catch parasites or moisture which can then lead to infections. Ignoring your pet’s ear problems will make the matter even worse and will cause harm to their entire health.

Causes Of Dog Ear Infections

If you want to protect your pet against the trouble of ear allergies you need to know what causes the problem and how to treat it well. Take a look at the following main causes of dog ear infections and what’s the appropriate treatment for them.

• Cause: Allergy - The usual cause of any dog ear infection is due to allergies. It could be because of your pet’s food sensitivity or inhaling elements that can lead to problems on their ears. As a result of those allergies, their ears will create too much wax which becomes a perfect breeding environment for yeast and bacteria.

Cure: Unfortunately, allergies are not that easy to control. Medical tests must be done to determine the root of the infection so it can be diagnosed with the properly treatment. Your pet may be given allergy shots and be advised to lessen its contact with the root of infection. In case you don’t want your dog to undergo those allergy tests or injections, you can give him corticosteroid which is a medication to stop itchiness and irritation.

• Cause: Ear Mite - Ear mites are dog parasites seen outside there bodies. This problem causing pests lives on the dog’s head and hearing canals. Ear mites are the ones to be blamed why your dogs are having those extreme itchiness and irritations which can later on lead to bleeding and injury to their auricle. Once your dog’s auricle is damaged, another allergy due to yeast and bacteria will take place and can worsen present problems.

Cure: A vet can easily spot the ear mites with the use of an otoscope. Your pet’s doctor will then do treatment everyday or weekly depending on the status of the ear infection. The healing procedures may also be repeated if required which will vary on the kind of topical product being used. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your pet’s ears before putting medications on them.

Cause: Bacteria and Yeast Some dog ear problems are caused by different kinds of yeast and bacteria. If your pet got healthy ears, it will have a strong protection from those harmful germs. But if your dog’s ear canal become weak or when the ear surrounding changes because of infections or moisture, its protection mechanism is in peril. Bacteria and yeast will soon start growing into their ears.

Cure: Common symptoms of a yeast or bacterial infection on your pet’s ear are discharges and foul smell. The veterinarian will get samples of this discharge so they can test it from yeast, allergy or bacteria which cause your dog’s ear problem. Allergies cause by bacteria is cured using oral and/or topical antibiotics. On the other hand, yeast infection is treated with oral and/or anti fungal drugs. Make sure that your dog’s ear is really clean prior to putting any medications on it.


It’s highly recommended that you bring your dog to a vet once you detect him suffering from some symptoms of ear infections. These experts can give your pet the exact diagnosis to stop the ear problem and avoid it from getting worse. Don’t wait till your dog completely lost its hearing ability before you decide to get help. Remember, your pet is one of your best companion; hence it deserves all of your care. -



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