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Manchester Terrier


The Manchester Terrier comes in two sizes – toy and standard. Either one makes a great companion who is smart and eager to learn. Just be sure you pay enough attention to him or he may become destructive.


This short haired dog has a sleek coat on a compact body. V shaped ears may or may not fold over. Thin tail is tapered to a point.

The Toy Manchester Terrier weighs in at 6-8 pounds and stands 10-12 inches tall.

Black and tan

This breed was develped in Manchester England as a rat hunter.

High spirited and very intelligent, this breed is eager to please his owner but may become destructive if left alone. Independent and faithful.

Firm training is recommended for this breed that is smart and eager to please. They can be outstanding in agility and obedience trials.

Living Conditions
They are active inside and do OK without a yard so can be a good apartment dog. Prefer warm weather.

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