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Skye Terrier Ear Infections

When it comes to having pets, dogs are always the number one choice anywhere in the world. They are considered to be ‘a man’s best friend’. I have my own pet dog for five years now and my cute friend never fails to cheer me up in times of loneliness. This is why I take care of my dog very well. I always make sure that she never endures any problems such as ear infection which is a common illness among dogs of any breed. You must know how to check you pet’s condition in case you suspect that he/she is suffering from dog ear problems. When your pet’s ear infection gets worse, it will cause you a lot of hassles since you’ll need to clean and treat it regularly. So always make it a point to do a regular check up regarding your dog’s ear health.

Constant Scratching - You can easily tell if your dog is having some ear infections if he/she does constant scratching at the left part of his/her head. This is due to your pet having a tickly ear drum or external ear surface that he/she would want to scratch it often in order to get rid of the unpleasant feeling caused by some yeast or ear mites. If the infection is inside the ears, you’ll most likely see your dog scratching or shaking his head frequently.

Foul Ear Smell - Doing some ear smelling test is a good way to find out if your pet is under any ear infections. The moment you smell a stinking odor, it’s a warning sign that your pet have dog ear problems infection otitis discharge, yeast infection or dog ear problems odor. It’s best to bring your pet to a veterinarian upon discovering his/her awful ear smell.

 Frequent Head Tilting
If you observe your dog frequently leaning or tilting his head, there’s a big possibility that he/she is suppressing ear infections. Another thing dogs with ear infection do is hang down their ears much lower compared to the other. They are doing this to protect themselves from worsening the irritation they feel.

Brown Wax or Discolored Liquid Ear Discharges - You should not forget to do a visual examination on your dog’s ear health condition. Try to check if there are some discharges on your pet’s ears such as brown wax matters or liquid stained elements. This is a serious ear infection that calls for a veterinarian’s care. Don’t attempt to treat this problem by yourself if you don’t want the infection to get worse.




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