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  • Skye Terrier Grooming

    Skye Terrier Grooming

    The Skye Terrier is one of the dog breeds that do not require professional grooming. In fact, many owners find that it is not an issue at all for them to take care of all […]

  • Skye Terrier Breed Standard

    Skye Terrier Breed Standard

    The Skye Terrier is very elegant when it comes to their appearance and they are also very strong with hard muscles and a sturdy bone structure accompanies them as well. They are very long dogs […]

  • Skye Terrier Rescue

    Skye Terrier Rescue

    What is Skye Terrier Rescue? Skye Rescue is a volunteer, not for profit program whose purpose it is to help Skye Terriers who through no fault of their own are orphaned, abandoned or in need […]

  • Skye Terrier Health

    Skye Terrier Health

    Cancer ranks in first place and second place when it comes to the leading cause of death in Skye Terriers. Furthermore, breast cancer is what currently contributes to majority of the deaths among Skye Terriers. […]

  • Skye Terrier Puppies

    Skye Terrier Puppies

    When you are considering purchasing a puppy it is best to go to a breeder who has been labeled as being reliable and is also established who has experience when it comes to raising show […]

  • Skye Terrier Breeder

    Skye Terrier Breeder

    Portree Skye Terriers Williamstown, NJ Email: skyes@portree.com Website: http://www.portree.com Gleanntan Kennels Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Email: info@gleanntan.com Website: http://www.gleanntan.com/ Serendipity Skye Terriers Breeder: Joan Fingar Rochester, NY Email: serendipityskyes@juno.com Cladich Skye Terriers Breeder: Susan Parsons Holderness, NH […]

  • Skye Terrier Temperament

    Skye Terrier Temperament

    The Skye terrier breed is one of the dog breeds that is said to have a typical temperament. They are strong, canny, brave, and very independent. Not to mention the fact that when they love […]

  • The History of the Skye Terrier

    The History of the Skye Terrier

    Most terriers have gotten something contributed to their form within the last century yet when it comes to the Skye terrier they have remained the same for almost four centuries. When looking at Skye terriers […]