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  • Maltese


    The Maltese is characterized by it’s long flowing snow white hair and is a wonderful companion dog with a great temperament. Description A silky white coat that hangs down to the ground gives this dog […]

  • Lhassa Apso

    Lhassa Apso

    The Lhasa Apso was once used as a guard dog in Tibetan temples but now makes a loving and lively companion pet. Description This breed is very furry, abundant hair on the face area sometimes […]

  • Japanese Chin

    Japanese Chin

    Description This dainty little dog has a broad face and long feathered coat. He has a short snout and long forehead. Size The Japanese Chin weighs 4 – 15pounds and is 7 – 11 inches […]

  • Italian Greyhound

    Italian Greyhound

    The Italian Greyhound is an easy to get along with dog that makes a great companion dog for a quite household. Description This sleek, elegant dog has a regal look with short hair and a […]

  • Dachshund


    The Dachshund can be a great companion but might have a mind of his own. He is curious, mischievous and a bit of a clown. Devoted to his family, he can be a bit on […]

  • Chinese Crested

    Chinese Crested

    This Chinese Crested is an unusual dog that makes an affectionate pet. Be careful with the hairless version as the skin needs special attention. Description This hairless breed almost looks like a miniature horse with it’s […]

  • Chihuahua


    The Chihuahua, the smallest of all dogs, makes a great lap dog and is certainly a favorite of celebrities. This dog is affectionate, loyal and lively. Description This tiny dog is short haired with and […]

  • Cavalier King

    Cavalier King

    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes a loving companion that is smart and naturally well behaved. This dog has great vision and sense of smell and can even be used for short hunts. He loves […]

  • Brussels Griffon

    Brussels Griffon

    The Brussels Griffon or Belgian Griffon is an alert and lively dog, a good companion with a face that has almost human like expressions. Description This sturdy dog has wiry hair and a large head […]

  • Bichon Frise

    Bichon Frise

    Description This fluffy dog looks like a teddy bear and will steal your heart! The double coat is a textured outer layer and silky undercoat. Coat can be long or clipped like a poodle. He […]