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  • Miniature Pinscher

    Miniature Pinscher

      The Miniature Pinscher is a headstrong dog that might be a bit timid but can be a loyal companion for the right person. Description Short fur on a compact muscular body with a strong […]

  • Shih Tzu

    Shih Tzu

    The Shih Tzu is a lively happy little dog that makes a good companion for a family with older children and other pets. Description This dog, sometimes called the little lion, has long hair and […]

  • Yorkshire Terrier

    Yorkshire Terrier

    The Yorkshire Terrier is a very popular breed and makes a great companion. This dog is lively and fun, loyal to his owner.. Description This breed has long silky fur with a flat head and […]

  • Toy Poodle

    Toy Poodle

    The Toy Poodle makes a great pet and is one of the smartest of all the dog breeds. He’ll get along with other pets and older children and will certainly keep you amused. Description This […]

  • Pug


    The Pug is a great companion dog and is very well natured. He is lively and intelligent – a great family dog that gets along well with other pets. Description This compact dog has short […]

  • Pomeranian


    The Pomeranian is a wonderful loving dog that is smart as well as lively and makes a great lapdog and loyal companion. Description This cute little dog is one of the tiniest of the toy […]

  • Pekingese


    The Pekingese are an old breed and can be lively and affectionate. They are quite fond of their owners but can have a mind of their own so you must show them that you are […]

  • Papillon


    The Papillon is a sweet companion dog that is lively and a lot more sturdy than he looks. This dog can be affectionate and gentle as well as playful and vivacious. Description Long fur with […]

  • Minature Schnauzer

    Minature Schnauzer

    The Miniature Schnauzer is a lively and intelligent pet that will make a great watchdog. Description This dog has a prominent beard, eyebrows and mustache with V shaped ears that fold forward. Ears may also […]

  • Manchester Terrier

    Manchester Terrier

    The Manchester Terrier comes in two sizes – toy and standard. Either one makes a great companion who is smart and eager to learn. Just be sure you pay enough attention to him or he […]