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The Cairn terrier is one of the terrier breeds that is said to be a more up to date version of the older terrier breeds that originated from the Isle of Skye who served the purpose of keeping rodents, otters, foxes, and other vermin away from the wild shores.

Additionally, they have also been known as the Scotch terrier, Highland terrier, and the short haired Skye terrier even. Even though they may not have been around when they Skye terrier was roaming the earth they are very true to their heritage. You will notice they have short legs and are very active and versatile. Additionally, if you have ever seen “Toto” from, The Wizard of Oz, you know exactly what we mean.

Like “Toto” this terrier breed is alert, playful, loving and great companions. Not to mention the fact that they are usually cheerful yet they can be stubborn at times and they are also very smart. Lastly, they are fearless and they love to chase and dig in addition to being wonderful swimmers.

Adult males are about 10 inches tall while females are only about 9 ½ inches tall. When it comes to their weight males should be 14 pounds and females should be 13 pounds. Around the age of two they should have reached this weight. Also, you will notice that they have a shaggy, harsh coat that is made of two layers which is best maintained if they go to see a professional when it comes to their grooming needs. This is because professionals will know what to do so they do not damage their natural weather protective characteristics. Additionally, you will always want to make sure that you brush them on a regular basic. Lastly, their coats will be a variety of colors yet it will never be white.

Cairn Terrier Appearance

When thinking of the appearance of a Cairn terrier you should think of “Toto” from, The Wizard of Oz. They are tiny little dogs that are very sturdy but have a shaggy coat that varies in color from red, brindle, black, sand, and even gray. Additionally, their ears contain dark points and they eyes and muzzles are every dogs dream. Furthermore, they have broad heads which distinguishes them from other terriers due to the fact that they are shorter and wider than all of the other breeds. Lastly, their ears are small, erect and pointy and they have short tails they are usually always wagging.

Size and Weight – The normal weight for females is 13 pounds and then when it comes to males they usually weight about 14 pounds. Additionally, females usually are standing about 9.5 inches tall whereas the males are just over 10 inches. However, if it is a show Cairn the main thing that they are going to be concentrating on is how balanced their proportions are.

Coat and Color – Cairns have double coats which are soft on the underside and wiry on the outside which helps enhance their wiry appearance. Additionally, they come in a variety of different colors such as red, black, sand, gray, and even brindle. Furthermore, you can never be too sure as to what color your puppy will be when they grow up due to the fact that it is common for their coats to change at least several times as they mature into adults.

Cairn Terrier Grooming

It is recommended that the Cairn terrier is brushed at least once each week so any loose or dead hair that they may have can be removed. However, as far as bathing this is something that only needs to be done on an as needed basics – every few months – because if they bathe two much their coat will become soft which is not something that is expected of show dogs. Additionally, they also need to be trimmed. Show dogs have this done with a stripping knife and family dogs can have this done with clippers. This is something that only needs to be done three times a year at the most.

Dental is something else that you will want to make sure that you stay on top of. They should have their teeth brushed at least once a week so they do not have bad breath, tarter or gum diseases arise. Lastly, you will want to make sure that you always use a solution that has been approved by a veterinarian when it comes to cleaning their ears.



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