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Cairn Terrier Temperament

“Toto” from, The Wizard of Oz was known for his spunkiness, curiosity, bravery, and loyalty which is exactly how other Cairn terriers can be described. This is what makes them great family dogs as well as great vermin exterminators for farm owners as well. However, since this is a dog breed that does not have a lot of patience they are not good for families that have small children because they have no problems at all biting.
Activity - Cairns can leave a happy life in an apartment or a condo because they do not require a lot exercise. A daily walk with them and a chance to get out and run in a yard or park is really all that they need. However, when they are not in a fenced in yard it is always good to keep them on a leash due to the fact that they do like to run after small animals and will not stop even when they are being called to come home.
Training - Like most of the other terrier breeds the Cairn breed is known for being both willful and stubborn which can make training very hard for them at first. To train them you are going to have to remain patient, consistent, and make sure you have a lot of treats handy. However, you do not want to discipline them because then they will not listen to you at all. More importantly, you will want to make sure that you train them young so they know who is in charge and who they are expected to listen to. If you ever allow them to bend the rules you can expect them to take that experience and run with it.
Behavior - Barking is the major issue that owners have with the Cairn breed. Just like any other terrier they are going to bark at every little noise they hear and they will not stop until they want to. Additionally, not only are their barks shrill but they also are very annoying to neighbors as well. Not to mention the fact that this is also one of the aggressive breeds. They have basically no patience at all and if they are teased or become fed up they have no problem snarling, snapping, and biting. Additionally, they are very possessive of their food and toys and they are not even scared of dogs that are bigger than them.



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