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Skye Terrier Breed Standard


The Skye Terrier is very elegant when it comes to their appearance and they are also very strong with hard muscles and a sturdy bone structure accompanies them as well. They are very long dogs and they have a profuse straight coat that is straight down their bodies. Additionally, they have hair that is feathered on their heads and serves the purpose of being able to protect them from the brushes and briars when they are encountering serious meetings with other animals. Not to mention the fact that their bodies are strong including their jaws.

Size & Proportion

Size: Usually, Skye terriers are 10 inches in height if they are male and if they are female they will probably be around 9 ½ inches. If it is a 1 inch terrier they will be about 20 inches long. However, if a Skye terrier male is 9 inches or less or a female terrier that is 8 ½ inches or less they will be penalized.

Proportion: The idea ratio of body length to solder height is expected to be 2 to 1. They should be built solid, very strong yet not course. Bone is substantial.


When it comes to the Skye terriers eyes they usually have brown eyes – dark brown to be specific – and they are medium and very close set. Their ears are symmetrical and they are known to sometimes prick while other times they just allow them to drop. Their jaws are very powerful and the nose of the Skye terrier is always going to be black. Furthermore, if they have a flesh colored nose of a brown nose they will be disqualified. Additionally, when taking a look inside of their mouth you will find incisor teeth and upper teeth that slightly overlap their lower teeth.

Neck, Body & Tail

Neck: They have long yet graceful necked that are arched and always held high with pride.

Body: They have long bodies with low chests accompanied by oval shaped ribs. To many they appear to have flat sides but this is due to their profuse coats.

Tail: They have long tails that are feathered. When they allow it to hang it will be straight without any twists or curls. Additionally, when they have it raised it will make them seem taller. However, when they have their tails high it is usually a sign of them being excited or either angry. Furthermore, you will never find them carrying their tails in the same position for an extended period of time.


The Skye terrier has shoulders that are laid back and they have shoulder blades that are tightly placed. Their elbows are very close to their sides and their forearms curve around their chests just slightly. When it comes to their legs you will find that they are short yet strong and very straight. Additionally, their feet are large hare like and they always point forward. Their nails are also very strong and usually they are black in color.


Their hindquarters are very strong and well developed. Additionally, they are short, muscular and appear to be straight when one is observing them from behind. You will always find their feet in front.


They have a double coat that consists of a short undercoat that is soft yet wooly and an outer coat that is hard yet straight and flat. Their body coat hangs down straight on both sides of their bodies and it parts from their heads to their tails. When it comes to their head hair you will find that it is shorter and it veils over their foreheads and eyes making it appear as though they are wearing a beard and an apron. Additionally, their tail is well feathered as well.


Their coat is always going to be one color all of their body yet when it comes to their skin it may be a different shade but overall it is going to be close to the color of their coat which is usually black, blue, light or dark grey, silver platinum, cream or fawn. Additionally, Skye terriers have no distinctive markings besides the desirable black points that are found on their ears, muzzles, and the tops of their tails. Their head and legs should be the same shade as their bodies. Furthermore, they should never have any type of pattern or design except the breed that is white which occasionally has it on their chests yet it does not exceed 2 inches in diameter.

Skye terrier puppies may have a different type of coat than the adults. When they are growing it is not uncommon for them to experience different variations of color yet by the time they are 18 months old they should meet the standard criteria. However, it should be noted that puppies should also not have any patterns, designs, or clear cut variations besides the black bands that some have encircling their bodies if they are cream in color. But, as with the adult dogs this will only be on their chests and not go more than 2 inches in diameter.


The Skye terrier’s legs are always going to be straight when they are walking. Furthermore, when they approach you will find that their forelegs form a straight line continuous of their fronts. Their feet are also going to be the same distance apart as their elbows.


If they have a flesh colored or brown nose they will be disqualified.


Skye terriers have the same temperaments of all of the other typical terriers. They are also fully able to take over game and they have lots of stamina in addition to being very strong. Also, they have been labeled as being loyal, fearless, and very joyful however they can be skeptical when they are around strangers.



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  1. Lisa says:

    I do have a one year old black skye Terrier by the name of Archie…He is desperately looking for a new home…His fun,energetic,loyal,male and not fixed yet.


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